Project update – July 2020

July 3rd, 2020

The challenging year that is 2020 has continued since our last Ginninderra Project update. Amid the backdrop of bushfires, storms and global pandemic in the first half of the year, we’re pleased to report that our project and research teams haven’t stopped working on breakthroughs and solutions to the real world challenges we’re facing.

We’ve covered some of the work our scientists are doing in bushfire resilience leadership and the fight for a COVID-19 vaccine. However there are a host of other examples where we’re working side by side with industry to deliver innovative science and technology to create new value, jobs and growth for Australian businesses and for Australia.

Some of those technologies including solar cell windows, temperature resistant cladding, and 3D-printed stents are covered in this month’s newsletter.

On the Ginninderra front, our Project Team has been working through all the preliminary planning, environmental and technical studies that will help to inform the proposed future sustainable development.

Restrictions under COVID-19 have limited the opportunity for face-to-face gatherings in recent months, however primarily through videoconferencing, we’ve continued to meet with the relevant Commonwealth and ACT agencies to work through matters of traffic, infrastructure, environment and heritage.

As we are sharing through this website, CSIRO has a wealth of innovative science and technology that it brings to the built and natural environment. We’ve been looking further into how such technology and new approaches creates value in our cities and urban settings and how the sustainable urban development at Ginninderra could benefit from this.

Over coming months we aim to share more about progress in these areas and the opportunities that will arise at Ginninderra. Stay tuned.

Close up of a machine with cogs and handles.

New technologies to tackle real world challenges. CSIRO has improved the process for making perovskite solar cells.


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